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      Service Application

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      About Us

      , Company background

        Vitech (www.vitech.net.cn) is an international Internet technical service provider, also known as Nihao Group(www.3760784.com). With a strong team in high technology, our company is principally engaged in developing advanced IT technology and products, providing first class network application solutions and value-added services for government institutions, enterprises and Internet home users.
        The company possesses an international strategic investment partnership, world-class technology and expertise, and an internationalized management and marketing system. It also plays a leading role in developing Internet/Intranet service and has won acclamation of customers from all lines of work.
      Vitech is exerting great effort to achieve higher goals. While improving its own management patterns and R&D ability, it also concentrates on proposing and implementing new economic strategies so as to further promote China's Internet development.

      , Company Ethics
        Seeking to maximize the company's value and to uphold the interests of investors, customers and employees is forever our ultimate and long-term goal of development.
        We put a high premium on equitableness, fairness and strictness, and firmly believe that no pains no gains. We also promote professionalism and sense of responsibility,and encourage development through innovation. The performance of our staff is evaluated against his contribution and customer satisfaction.

      * Attitude toward Talents
        Vitech highly values talents and attracts outstanding technical, marketing and managerial professionals through its modern enterprise operation system. In addition to high salaries and benefits, we design and offer on-job trainings and personal development plans for our staff. Vitech has now a technical and managerial team made up of people with master and PhD degrees and working experience in famous international companies. We also look forward to embracing more talents who share our interests and desire to work for a better future.

      Business Models  
        With its advanced technology, Vitech builds SPP business models and provides better and more efficient products, services and solutions for government institutions and enterprises.

      ,e-CommerceB2B / B2COn-line Shopping, On-line Auction, On-line Travel, On-line PublishingOn-line Securities Exchange, Intelligent Transportation System
      ,e-AdministrationGovernment Office System, Public Administration System, Government Purchase Public Consulting Service Center
      ,Website Building and Consulting
      ,System Integration and Internet Development, etc.

      ,Customer Relations Management System
      ,3e-Platform (On-line Hosting, On-line Marketing,   Network Management ),Internet Function Server,Coordinative Office System,e-Commerce Suite,Personal Desktop Service System, etc.

      ,Domain name registration, Web hosting and Co-location, Internet Proxy Server, Value-added IDC management service and ASP services, etc.
      ,Strengths in Technology  
        Vitech has long been focusing on the R&D of hi-tech products and dedicating to more advanced technology and higher efficiency. Our experts and experienced consultants provide high quality services and solutions to customers and our many certified technical professionals deliver high quality technical services.  
        Vitech is dedicated to developing products based on Windows NT, Unix, and Linux platforms, and offers J2EE and XML based network solutions. Through numerous cases, we have acquired rich experience in network application design, project implementation and customer service.  
        Our well-equipped network environment and R&D laboratories guarantee the research, development and testing of new technology and products.  
      Vitech has established extensive partnerships with many renowned domestic and international   IT companies and therefore can provide better services for its customers.  
      Vitech has allied with famous universities in China to set up Vitech Research Center, Java Research Center, e-Administration Research Center, Vitech Enterprises, Government and Home Online Research Center, positioning itself in the leading front of technology and IT market, providing better applicability and forward-looking features for its products and services.

      Franchise Development  
        In the second half of the year 2000, Vitech introduced in the field of networking an advanced international marketing approach-- Franchise Development, in order to provide better, faster and specialized delivery of its products and services for China's governmental institutions, different industries and families, Drawing on its abundant customer resources and relationships in marketing, Vitech has set up contacts between Franchise and its current customers and helped the latter to start operation smoothly. Licensed distributors can not only use customer lists from both sides in market promotions and retrieve these resources as needed, but also receive technical trainings to meet the technical standards of Vitech, and therefore improves its ability in technical development with instructions from Vitech.

      Honors and Qualifications

        Vitech's advanced technology, guaranteed quality and preeminent brand name have brought it many honors:
        Chief information service partner and technology provider of "Chinese Government On-line Project"
        Chief information service partner and technology provider of "Chinese Enterprise On-line Project"
        Chief technology support provider for the World's E-Business and Network Expo
      Technology support provider for China E-commerce Association
        Technology support provider for Beijing High and New Technology International Week
      Chief partner for Internic in China
        Authorized agent for CNNIC
        Top-10 website in the category of computer and network

        Vitech has also set up extensive cooperation with government institutions and industry partners:
        SUN, IBM, HP, Microsoft, BEA, Oracle, Informix, EC-One, Coventive, NCS, Legend, TRS ...
      Tsinghua University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Beijing Polytech University, China Science Academy
        China Telecom, Chinese Government Online, China Network Information Center, China E-Commerce Association, Ministry of Information Industry
        Government Institutions
        Government Online Project (China Telecom):
        The Ministry of Finance of PRC:
        The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of PRC:
        The Supreme Procuratorate of PRC:
        Beijing Municipal Government:
        China Emigrants Association:
        CCPIT Beijing:
        National Copyright Administration of PRC:
        China e-Commerce Association:
        The State Golden Card Project:

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